Introducing Karageorgiou Interiors by emphatically referring to their century-long heritage of artfully crafting endearing pieces of furniture, exceptionally designing interiors, and eclectically importing unique items would only tell half the story. No matter how proud the people of the company are about their legacy in interior design and furniture creation, it’s the fact that they have managed to build a business that holds the personality of each client at the core of its philosophy, that keeps them motivated, creative, and embarking on every project with fresh eyes and the fascination of an inspired creator. Through this approach, their intriguing choices of contemporary and classic furniture, their tailored design solutions, even their specially made handcrafted items, get elevated to a breathing universe that mirrors the personality of its residents.

Creating not just a space that you inhabit, but a home you feel yourself in; a place with design and quality you simply find comforting and familiar.

In the beginning - in 1934, that is, when George Karageorgiou created his workshop in Kypseli -, there was skilled craftsmanship infused with instinctive creativity. Starting from this solid foundation, the small workshop has been growing ever since, not just as far as scale is concerned, but also with regard to its creative substance. With an appetite for all things new in the world of design, an eclectic spirit, and the attention to detail required by the craft, Karageorgiou Interiors evolved into a well-rounded company that designs, creates, discovers, feels, and anticipates, according to its customers’ needs. From utilitarian pieces of furniture to inspired designs, artifacts, or functional tailored solutions, our work showcases how keeping an open mind, staying on top of new trends, honoring the classics, collaborating with renowned professionals, attending international design fairs, nurturing meaningful relationships with our clients, can lead to remarkable results.

Such a mindset naturally leads to a specific approach when working with a new client. Whether it’s about renovating a small apartment or a large house, designing an office space or the interior of a private yacht, we undertake each project with the personality of the customer in mind, working towards solutions and suggestions that fit their aesthetics, meet their needs, correspond to their budget. Proper research, our experience and expertise in designing and crafting one-of-a-kind objects and spaces, our know-how of textiles, upholsteries, wood, or exotic materials, as well as our readiness to collaborate with acclaimed designers, architects, and other professionals, gets implemented in the optimal way, in order to deliver spaces that best suit our customers.


Stelios Karageorgiou
Aspa Karageorgiou
Eleana Karageorgiou

Interwar Athens was where George Karageorgiou started his business, a workshop that quickly came to prominence, thanks to his careful craftsmanship and his unique, inspired mindset, which saw the pieces of furniture he created not just as utilitarian items, but also as objects that carry the stories and feelings of their owners. Meanwhile, creativity was at a boiling point in Europe, rooted in the societal forces that demanded change in all aspects of human activity. The arts, architecture and design were moving forward, resulting in the enrichment of all creative crafts, and giving inspiration to talented creators such as George Karageorgiou, who was insightful enough to acknowledge that a piece of furniture needed much more than functionality, if it were to reflect its owner’s character.

Inspired by his father, Stelios Karageorgiou, with an eye for avant-garde design, went one step further, to become a pioneer in importing objects created by Italian artisans, through exclusive partnerships for Greece. Furthermore, growing in such a creative environment meant that he had learned to respect people and their stories, and that he realized the importance of personal relationships in the process of creating objects of high quality and aesthetic value that complete, rather than decorate, a space. This philosophy is applied to every decision, suggestion, creation, and collaboration of Karageorgiou Interiors, and it is the reason why the company has grown, moved to a modern space in Psychiko, and built a rich portfolio of different projects, in Greece and abroad. In fact, the company prides on its “hereditary” clients, people that come back to Karageorgiou Interiors for any new project, and for the projects of their children, carrying on an unofficial tradition. Today, Aspa and Eleana Karageorgiou, the third generation, bring their fresh creative take to the concepts, the ideas, and creations of the company. Forged with the values of a successful business, they have both developed a strong opinion about creativity and the endless possibilities of design, driving Karageorgiou Interiors into the future, with a keen eye for style and quality, well-informed about new trends, offering elevated aesthetics with layered interiors.