That cherished but distressed chest of drawers you have inherited from your grandparents can actually find its own prominent place in your home, revamped back to its former prestigious state and, what’s more, elevated to meet contemporary needs, thus matching in form the sentimental value it carries. Our dedicated team can feel what suits you and handle these valuable items with care and knowledge.

Restoring old pieces of furniture requires expertise and experience infused with some extra feeling, since it usually concerns items that have already lived a long life yet are still capable of accompanying their current owners through the future. Our team will handle and revive old pieces of furniture in our in-house workshop. Creativity finds new grounds in this division, where skilled carpenters, joiners, upholsters and painters, with their decade-long experience, bring your treasures to a new life, repurposed, and refreshed with contemporary finishes or upholstery.

It is all about finding ways to reuse what could be considered useless, and to re-love pieces that were once cherished, following the principles of sustainability; a concept that is naturally on everybody’s lips at the moment, but has been a fundamental way of thinking for our business throughout the years. Whether it is a matter of “saving” what would otherwise end up in the storage, upcycling for the sake of environmental responsibility or bringing a historic piece back to life, the revamping team of Karageorgiou Interiors is there for you, firmly believing that well-made objects are to be treasured for life.