Every space is a fresh opportunity for our creativity to unfold and connect with different personalities. Rooted in a philosophy that keeps the character and the needs of the client at the core of every concept, this simple mindset encapsulates the essence of our approach in each new project that asks for our interior design expertise and services.

Whether we design the interior of a private yacht or of an office space, no matter if we are looking for an efficient solution for a single room or renovating a large house, our designers, craftsmen, artists, and freelance associates work to deliver what suits best the client, in terms of style, needs, and budget.

Being always full of ideas and keen on seeing an exciting creative challenge in every new endeavor may be instinctive, but a systematic, step-by-step approach is necessary, for this creative force to be harnessed towards the proper direction, tailored for each client. Designing and giving shape, style, and the corresponding artistic character to an interior is like forming the living surroundings of the client, which means that their personal aesthetics, their likes and dislikes, as well as their lifestyle, have to be taken seriously into account.

Developing a close relationship with the customer, observing their lifestyle, getting familiar with their aesthetics, is thus the first step to designing a unique interior. Additionally, it means that, self-evidently, our in-house interior design team is ready to collaborate with the professionals suggested or requested by the client. Creating detailed floorplans comes as the necessary second step, ahead of the composition of mood boards, the visionary step three, which brings together ideas, inspirations, and concepts.

In the next step, things get more practical: time for the sample boards, which hold our propositions as far as specific objects and artifacts, textiles, colors, and carpets are concerned, such to correspond to the client’s values. The purchasing sheet can be considered as the fifth step, in the sense that, for us, it is not just a detailed record of our services and of what is ordered and bought, but a log of all the elements used to create the client’s new space, showcasing utter respect to their budget. The result is spaces tailored to the needs, the budget and the qualities of each client, spaces that feel complementary to the owner.

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Five steps to a new space

  • Getting to know you
  • Floor plans
  • Mood boards
  • Sample boards
  • Purchasing sheet