Designing and creating spaces that instantly feel familiar and intimate lies at the core of our business; nothing would therefore make more sense regarding the concept of our showroom, than creating a space that feels like home. This is the primary role of our showroom in Neo Psychiko, a design space that takes up four floors, extending at a total of 1000 square meters, where we both work and showcase the results of our inspiration. The visitors can wander through our creative ideas, get the assistance they need from our associates and find inspiration for their own home.

What makes our showroom stand out is that it constantly changes, reflecting the dynamic nature of our creativity, without ever failing to produce a warm, welcoming allure. The model spaces we design for the showroom get constantly revisited, the range of our furniture refreshed, the handpicked objects and artifacts carefully displayed in a curated mix’n’match play of styles and eras.

Simply put, by entering our showroom you actually enter our hospitable world of creativity and inspiration; you take a step towards a solution that will uniquely elevate your space, giving it the perfectly imperfect charm of tailored, handmade creations; towards discovering that one piece you were looking for, or finding the gift that is just right for the receiver. Welcome!