Rattan Kid Chair

The rattan kid chair with “horizon” pattern combines extreme lightness with exceptional resistance, thanks to the use of a variety of small-diameter yet very dense rattan. The layout of the arches, volutes and bindings contributes to the solidity of the whole as much as to the aesthetics of the item.


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Structure: barked rattan cane.
Bindings and seat weaving: rattan skin.
Finishing: natural water-based varnish.
Feet fitted with nailed in nylon gliders.
Made in Indonesia.

CM. | L.32 x D.34 x H.53

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The designers Lauriane Beaunier and Aurélien Veyrat were inspired by traditional Indonesian techniques, where nothing is redundant. As a result, a graceful and slender line, using only the bare essentials of a 100% natural material.