Passion for quality: From scratch to feeling


“…Time is relentless. Its enemy is quality. Only quality becomes more beautiful with time.”


Our technical department, our craftsmen, artists as well as technicians, are the cradle of creation. The philosophy we apply to our creations is also the way we approach our work in practice: We create spaces and objects that people can actually live with, not just photo opportunities.


We live the space. From the design studio to the showroom, the workshop and the office.


Even our showroom window is a real space rather than a set. We think, create and live in all three dimensions.




Our craftsmen, who have been with us for many years, are masters of handmade furniture, experts on materials, and people who love the process of creation, all the way from design to the end product. In our workshop, creativity meets practical thinking, and technical issues are resolved… Art and technical expertise come together in perfect harmony. Our passion for quality and timeless perfection is what guides us in selecting the imported brands we represent.
There is no industrial line of production. Everything we make goes through the capable hands and the exacting gaze of our master craftsmen.

Here, we create from scratch, but we also recreate objects and furniture based on our clients’ requirements; we find inspiration and develop new design forms.



Our company has a long history and many years of experience in special projects, wainscoting, tailored solutions for very large or very small spaces, wood panelling of entire rooms, or custom-designed shelving units that include space for a TV set, special mechanisms, bars, and everything else our clients require, designed specifically to cater to their needs ergonomically, efficiently and with impeccable style. Wood, leather, exotic timber and other, cutting-edge materials, harmoniously combined – our creative challenge when it comes to special projects.
All these projects require specialized knowledge and technical expertise in order to achieve the desired result.

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Stelio Karageorgiou , Aspa & Eleana Karageorgiou



We apply the same diligence in our approach to furniture alterations or adaptations, when the clients’ needs change, and the same attention to detail when we renovate old furniture. Craftsmen are often asked to work on pieces that they made themselves years ago, to modernize or restore them. We and our crafts men put our souls into the objects and spaces we create, and build relationships for life. There is a long process of testing, numerous drafts and models, several hours in the studio and on the drawing board, and just as many trying out different colors, materials or textiles, before any of our creations are deemed perfect enough to enter our showroom.

We take After Sales very seriously. We respond immediately and are always available to visit clients at their premises, so that their issue, whether it’s damage to a piece of furniture or alterations due to moving, can be resolved promptly… This, after all, is one of the most important reasons why we’ve been so successful in this business for all these years.


Our furniture lives along its owners, and we’re by their side, as technical experts, as a creative force and, most of all, as people.